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Could Outsourcing Become THE Presidential Topic?

With the current state of the economy and the lackluster jobs market that exists today many eyes are turning to discuss how outsourcing could play a roll in returning the US jobs market to the heyday it once was. But what would it take for Mitt Romney or President Obama to solve this dilemma in this country.

Outsourcing Topic Good Or Bad In Election Year | Ed Butowsky (by edbutowsky)

The concept of outsourcing is not new, and has been going on since the 70s.  Why is this becoming a hot topic relative to the presidential election.

Outsourcing - An Election Topic Up For Debate

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What is perceptions vs reality when discussing outsourcing particularly during this election year. Why hasn’t this topic been more of a focal point in recent years? Ed Butowsky, wealth manager, financial advisor, and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, joins CCTV to examine the reality vs perception of outsourcing and what has kept this topic under the radar.

Ed Butowsky is the managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management and is an internationally recognized expert in the investment wealth management industry. Ed is also a frequent guest on other networks such as CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox News, Fox Business, and Bloomberg to name a few.